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TransducerTypeMismatchException Struct Reference

Two or more transducers do not have the same type. More...

#include <HfstExceptionDefs.h>

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HFSTDLL std::string operator() (void) const
 Get the error message. More...

Detailed Description

Two or more transducers do not have the same type.

This can happen if (1) the calling and called transducer in a binary operation, (2) two transducers in an HfstTransducerPair, (3) two consecutive transducers coming from an HfstInputStream or (4) two transducers in a function taking two or more transducers as arguments do not have the same type.

Thrown e.g. by HfstTransducer::disjunct(const HfstTransducer&) rules::two_level_if HfstTransducer(HfstInputStream&)

An example:

HfstTransducer foo("foo", SFST_TYPE);
HfstTransducer bar("bar", FOMA_TYPE);
foo.disjunct(bar);   // an exception is thrown 

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