HFST - Helsinki Finite-State Transducer Technology - Python API  version 3.12.2
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 NhfstHFST API for Python
 CContextTransducersAreNotAutomataExceptionTransducers given as rule context are not automata
 CEmptySetOfContextsExceptionThe set of transducer pairs is empty
 CEmptyStringExceptionAn argument string is an empty string
 CEndOfStreamExceptionThe stream is at end
 CFlagDiacriticsAreNotIdentitiesExceptionFlag diacritics encountered on one but not the other side of a transition
 CFunctionNotImplementedExceptionFunction has not been implemented (yet)
 CHfstExceptionBase class for HfstExceptions
 CHfstFatalExceptionAn error happened probably due to a bug in the HFST code
 CHfstTransducerTypeMismatchExceptionTwo or more HfstTransducers are not of the same type
 CImplementationTypeNotAvailableExceptionThe library required by the implementation type requested is not linked to HFST
 CIncorrectUtf8CodingExceptionString is not valid utf-8
 CMetadataExceptionA piece of metadata in an HFST header is not supported
 CMissingOpenFstInputSymbolTableExceptionAn OpenFst transducer does not have an input symbol table
 CNotTransducerStreamExceptionThe stream does not contain transducers
 CNotValidAttFormatExceptionThe stream is not in valid AT&T format
 CNotValidLexcFormatExceptionThe input is not in valid LexC format
 CNotValidPrologFormatExceptionThe input is not in valid prolog format
 CSpecifiedTypeRequiredExceptionThe type of a transducer is not specified
 CStateIndexOutOfBoundsExceptionThe state number argument is not valid
 CStateIsNotFinalExceptionState is not final (and cannot have a final weight)
 CStreamCannotBeWrittenExceptionStream cannot be written
 CStreamIsClosedExceptionStream is closed
 CStreamNotReadableExceptionStream cannot be read
 CSymbolNotFoundExceptionA bug in the HFST code
 CTransducerHasWrongTypeExceptionTransducer has wrong type
 CTransducerHeaderExceptionTransducer has a malformed HFST header
 CTransducerIsCyclicExceptionTransducer is cyclic
 CTransducersAreNotAutomataExceptionTransducers are not automata
 CTransducerTypeMismatchExceptionTwo or more transducers do not have the same type
 Nxerox_rulesXerox-type replace rules
 CReplaceTypeType of Xerox-type replace rules
 CRuleA rule that contains mapping and context and replace type (if any)
 CAttReaderA class for reading input in AT&T text format and converting it into transducer(s)
 CHfstBasicTransducerA simple transducer class with tropical weights
 CHfstBasicTransitionA transition class that consists of a target state, input and output symbols and a a tropical weight
 CHfstInputStreamA stream for reading HFST binary transducers
 CHfstOutputStreamA stream for writing binary transducers
 CHfstTokenizerA tokenizer for creating transducers from UTF-8 strings
 CHfstTransducerA synchronous finite-state transducer
 CImplementationTypeBack-end implementations
 CMultiCharSymbolTrieTODO: documentation ???
 CPmatchContainerA class for performing pattern matching
 CPrologReaderA class for reading input in prolog text format and converting it into transducer(s)
 CXreCompilerA regular expression compiler