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HFST Download Page

Command line tools and library

All HFST command line tools and API library are released as Debian packages via Apertium, see our wiki pages for instructions. There are also win32 executables for Windows and universal binaries for Mac OS X. Download statistics are available for packages hfst and hfst-ospell.

Python bindings

Python bindings are available as Debian packages via Apertium. 64-bit bindings are released at Github as archived packages for Mac (python3) and Windows (python 3.3 and 3.4) as well as via PyPI for python 3.4 for Mac and Windows. See our wiki pages for instructions.

Alternative installation methods

You can also compile HFST from source.

Linguistic resources

Our resource directory (will be moved to Kielipankki). offers transducer binaries for morphological analysis, spell checking and hyphenation, and installable collections of those and some other linguistic resources. It also contains C++, Java and Python implementations for performing fast lookup on transducers in the optimized-lookup format.